Year 9 Exemplars: Overview

Curriculum overview

There are two themes in the Australian Curriculum: Geography and (its various HASS-based iterations), Year 9.

Biomes and food security draws on the concepts of environment, place, space and sustainability through an investigation of biogeography, agricultural production and associated constraints within Australia, a country from South-East Asia and another country from elsewhere in the world, as appropriate.

Geographies of interconnections draws on the concepts of environment, interconnection, place, space, and sustainability to explore the patterns in people's connections to the rest of the world through their purchasing power, use of information and communication technologies and interest in world events, with a focus on Australia and the Asia region.

About the illustrations

Illustration 1: Biomes and ecosystems looks at biomes and the distinctive characteristics of these major world ecosystems, providing students with an understanding of their significance. The illustration identifies issues of use and sustainability of these ecosystems.

Illustration 2: Agricultural innovation in Australia examines how important agricultural innovation has been in Australia's history and how settlers and farmers have managed their environments and maintained them as productive entities. This illustration also examines modern technology and sustainable practices in food production today.

Illustration 3: Where is the music? will appeal to a generation who follow music festivals and major events around the globe. It examines the location of the events, the impact on communities and some of the sustainability issues facing organisers.

Illustration 4: E-waste takes a comprehensive view of the significance of e-waste in local, national and global communities. It encourages awareness of the issues, and the potential for acting in a positive way to improve waste disposal.

All four illustrations provide resources and information to support an extensive range of inquiry skills and assessment tasks for students of all abilities. They encourage students to research widely, use maps and statistics, and create imaginative displays and presentations.