Years 7–8: Introduction

The Australian Curriculum: Geography (and its various HASS-based iterations) has themes for each stage of schooling.
Year 7 includes two themes.

The first Year 7 theme is 'Water in the world' which focuses on how water is used and valued as a renewable environmental resource. The interaction and interconnections between the environment and people is explored.

The second Year 7 theme is 'Place and liveability' which focuses on the concept of liveability by looking at how it is perceived and measured, and the responsibilities and impacts of people on the sustainability of liveable places.

Year 8 includes two themes.

The first Year 8 theme is 'Landforms and landscapes' which focuses on how landforms are shaped, distinctive aspects of landforms and landscapes, and the environmental and cultural significance of landscapes to people in Australia and countries of the Asia region.

The second Year 8 theme is 'Changing nations' which focuses on the social, political and economic impacts of population redistribution on the human geography in a particular country. Investigations use studies from Australia, China and the United States of America.

Materials to support teaching practice in Years 7–8 are contained in the sections: