Core units: Years 5-6 — Key understandings

Curriculum overview

The emphasis in Years 5 and 6 is on the diversity of places and the ways that they are shaped by human and environmental processes.

All seven of the key geographical concepts are now being developed at this level. For example:

  • Place: Location of current events, for example, natural disasters
  • Space: The pattern of world climatic zones. Cultural, economic and political regions of the world
  • Environment: The effect of climate on other environmental characteristics. Bushfires in the Australian environment
  • Interconnection: Australian connections to other countries through trade, migration, tourism, aid, defence and current events
  • Sustainability: The management of places and spaces by people. Differences in wealth, health, education and the use of environmental resources
  • Scale: Australia, its region, Asia and the world
  • Change: Changes to places through human actions. Diversity and change in countries of Asia.

About the illustrations

Illustration 1: Pointers to understanding provides a set of PowerPoint presentations for you to support the teaching of geography in Years 5–6. They can be used for personal or group professional development and planning.

Illustration 2: Globes, maps, atlases, electronic maps provides a set of materials about understanding the globe of the world and atlas maps. It includes the use of electronic atlases as well as book atlases. It also includes the use of Google Maps and similar electronic map resources. Ideas for activities are provided.