F-4 Key Understandings

Curriculum overview

The curriculum focus in the first years of geography begins with place, and develops into interconnections between places in Years 2 and 3. It then expands into the concepts of environment and sustainability in Year 4.

When teaching these levels, it is important for you to have a straightforward and clear view of what you are aiming for in geography. The concepts, knowledge, skills and values of geography can be developed in conjunction with other areas of the curriculum, and they can be developed in discrete units, or in longer-term activities, or in cross-curriculum or cross-school programs.

The illustrations of practice are designed to help you develop mastery of the aims and basic ideas of the Australian Curriculum: Geography, and the ways in which it develops general capabilities and links with other subjects.

About the illustrations

Illustration 1: Pointers to understanding will help you develop required knowledge and understanding about teaching geography in Years F–4. It provides a set of PowerPoint presentations about the teaching of geography in these years. They can be viewed individually, or perhaps more appropriately used in a staff meeting or professional development forum as a basis for discussion and preparation of classroom programs and learning.

Illustration 2: Sequential development of understanding maps provides a set of guidelines on children's development in understanding and interpreting maps. It also contains information about the different elements of understanding maps, and the sequence of stages through which students progress. A range of other resources is also provided.